Ownership by Helen J. Stewart

Helen J. Stewart

hstewartportraitThe Helen J. Stewart Years began in 1879 when O.D. Gass recieved a $5,000 loan from Archibald Stewart. Due to the high interest rate, he was unable to pay and predictably defaulted by the summer of 1880. Archibald partnered with George Hagerty and George Barton to run the ranch, until 1882 when they moved on to other things. In April 1882 Archibald moved his family down to the ranch from Pioche “For just a year” to get things in order, and find new partners.

This “temporary” arrangement lasted until Archibald was shot July 13, 1884 at Kiel Ranch.

Helen continued on running the ranch until her death from cancer March 6, 1926.

Additional details and information on Helen J. Stewart can be found in the following books:

“The Letters of Helen J. Stewart” edited by Crystal R. Van Dee. Printed by Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas, 2009.
“Helen J. Stewart: first Lady of Las Vegas” by Sally Zanjani & Carrie Townley Porter. Printed by Stephens Press, 2011.

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